Welcome Shibes!

ShibeCoin was created by a team of crypto currency enthusiasts and users of Doge and other crypto currencies to fill a gap that we saw in the market. We put together the coin that we wanted to have.

We have had an amazing launch and fantastic support from the community, as well as plenty of “FUDders” out there.

To be clear, ShibeCoin was not created as a ripoff of Dogecoin (or any coin for that matter) and was not intended as a replacement for DOGE. It was created as a complementary coin expanding the options for Shibes.

The concept with ShibeCoin is to be more than just a coin, but a platform for driving crypto forward and fostering innovation where we can.

ShibeCoin is a Proof of Stake coin. This means that you earn “interest” on the coins that you hold in your wallet. This is a reward for processing transactions on the network, similar to the way that Proof of Work rewards miners. In ShibeCoin, you earn 10% per year on your “stake”.

ShibeCoin will have a maximum of 300 Million coins mined through proof of work mining. After that, it will become a purely Proof of Stake coin where network processing occurs through staking as opposed to mining.